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Here were the two faces of Shri Nathji. On the one hand he was living like any man of the world engrossed in worldly affairs, having trouble with his relatives, suffering intense pain in his right arm, seeking rented places to live in, looking after Mateshwari, being an indulgent father to the children– playing the ideal role of a husband and a father, mingling with the populace everywhere, moving around in the midst of them as one of them. And on the other hand, revealing himself as God before genuine seekers after truth. Shri Nathji had often quoted this verse on himself:

Deedaao daanist hai naadaan bane baithhe hain
Shaane subhaan hai insaan bane baithhe hain

He is All Knowing but pretends ignorance,
He is the Glory of God Himself, but pretends to be man!

Shri Nathji would often say: “When a friend comes before you, you are filled with a feeling of friendship, when a foe comes before you, you are filled with enmity, when your brother comes before you, you are filled with brotherly affection, when your father comes before you, you feel the affection a son feels for his father. In a like manner, there is the eternal relationship of the human soul with the Universal Soul – God. And when God comes before the human soul, there springs from the depths of the soul a feeling of devotion and love divine, which is spontaneous.
“Look at the birds. No one teaches them where to look for water. But when they are thirsty for the first time in their lives, they are guided by some invisible instinct to water. And the moment they reach water they know instinctively that it will quench their thirst–and it does.
“God will appear before you when you become perfect in your devotion! Bhagwan kab saamne aate hain? – Jab aap apni bhakti men poorna ho jaate hain!”