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When Shri Nathji was at Lahore two Maharanis came for his darshan – the Maharani of Mandi State and the Maharani of Singhaayi.
One of them asked Shri Nathji:
It is written in the scriptures that we must renounce all desires. At the same time it is written that we must evolve a desire for God. Is not a desire for God a desire too? If all desires must be renounced why must we desire God?
This was a question which was on the minds of many and had never been properly answered by anyone.
Shri Nathji gave a reply that was altogether convincing and beautiful:
Think of a thorn that has entered your finger. You have to take it out. So you bring another thorn and pluck out the first thorn, using the second thorn. After you have taken out the first thorn, you can throw it away. Then you can also throw away the second thorn for it has done its work.
In a like manner when you are pricked by the thorn of worldly desire, you can take it out by using the thorn of the desire for God. And when once the thorn of the desire for God has done its work, you can throw it away as well. For by that time God will have entered within your heart and you will not be in need of the desire for God.