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Someone once asked Shri Nathji why there could not be two Almighty, All-powerful Gods. And Shri Nathji gave an answer, which was so astonishingly perfect and simple, that all doubts in the minds of the questioner were removed. Shri Nathji was famous for such irrefutable logic, which was so simple in conception that even a child could understand it, and at the same time so perfect in its reasoning, that even the best brains of the time would agree with it.
Shri Nathji said:
“If we think of two All Powerful Beings existing at the same time, then we shall be led into many contradictions. The first of which would be: if both the beings are All Powerful and infinite, how will they be able to exist side by side? The infinite is that which encompasses everything. If there is one infinite Being, there can be no place for another infinite Being!
“Secondly, if both were All Powerful and both had the power to create and destroy, then the Universe would perish in no time. This is so, because one of the Beings would want the Universe to follow His laws while the other being would want the Universe to follow His laws.
“One would want the sun to rise from the East, while the other would want the sun to rise from the West. Since both the Beings would be All Powerful, a clash of their wills would lead to total annihilation. The Universe would cease to exist!”
The man persisted: “But, Sir, can we not assume that both the All Powerful Beings will have the same Will?”
And Shri Nathji said: “If that is the case then why can we not say that the two are One and the same! That there is just one All Powerful Being with one Will!”
The man was astounded with Shri Nathji’s brilliant logic and went away greatly satisfied. It was only Shri Nathji who could reason out spiritual truths perfectly and mathematically. This was so because it was He who was the Creator, who knew of the secrets of his creation.