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Another man came and asked Shri Nathji:
You say that we must throw out all desires of the world in order to reach God, but tell us, if we throw out all desires how will we continue to do our works in the world? How can a man function in life if he has no desires within himself? Won’t we become like stone?
And Shri Nathji replied:
No, when you throw out all the desires of the world, God enters within your heart, and then he allows the desires of the world to come within your heart again–but they are then under His control and are dictated by Him. You will find all your desires being fulfilled and controlled by God Himself and you will do your works in the world even more beautifully and more powerfully than before!
Shri Nathji told a beautiful parable that illustrated how the desires of man would be controlled by God when man expelled them from his heart.