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As the antagonism began to mount, Mr. Bhutt came out into the open and found himself faced with a volley of questions:
Prove to us, now, that he is God!” roared the crowd.
Mr. Bhutt stood up before the crowd and said in an anguished tone that shook the hearts of all present:
Go and prepare a Chita – a funeral pyre – and light it! I and my wife, and my son shall lie upon it, and shall burn to ashes, declaring that Shri Nathji is God. Do you want any further proof from me?
It was a touching scene in which many began to weep. The mob soon dispersed.
Albeit, the atmosphere at Harda had become vitiated because of the brash handling by Gangabai Bhutt. The lady had the habit of entering into controversies with the most dangerous of opponents. That was why she was known as Dandewali – the woman with a stick.
Lala Hargopal, who was with Shri Nathji, advised Shri Nathji to leave Harda at once. Hargopal was very angry with Mrs. Bhutt for having provoked the ugly scene. Lala Hargopal would ever afterwards say about Dandewali with great concern: “Dandewali kisee din Nathji ko phaansi par charhaayegi! Dandewali may have Shri Nathji lynched some day!”
Even as Shri Nathji and his party left Harda, the antagonists followed them to the railway station and police protection had to be provided for their safe departure.