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Amongst those who came for Shri Nathji’s darshan at Mussoorie on the 23rd of June 1947, was a certain poet from the town of Harda in the Central Provinces. His name was Manjul Kavi.
He had learnt about Shri Nathji from Gangabai Bhutt when she was at Harda. Faith had entered into him from a distance and the realisation came into his heart that Shri Nathji was none other than God Incarnate. At that time he had not even seen Shri Nathji but had only heard about him:
Shri Nathji had often said in Persian:

Na tanhaa ishq ke az deedaar khezad
Bas aan ki daulat ke az guftaar khezad

Love is not that which is obtained from sight, alone,
It is that wealth that can be obtained from words as well.

Shri Nathji had often said:
“You can see the Sun only with the light of the Sun. The Sun is far away but its light reaches you from the distance. In a like manner, I may be physically far from you but my inner Light can reach across to you through any distance.”
Manjul Kavi was so thrilled upon seeing Shri Nathji at Mussoorie that he could not contain himself. He burst out into tears and fell at Shri Nathji’s feet, to become his, forever. His pilgrimage to Mussoorie was one of the greatest events of his life.
When he returned to Harda, he began to compose beautiful verses on Shri Nathji, and published little booklets that contained these verses. The last moments of his life were spent in the composition of such poetry. Life and death had taken on a new meaning ever since he had discovered God:

Asuron ke atyaachaar se sansaar jab ghabraa uthhaa
Bhakton nen kee thee praarthnaa uss Brahma Bhola Nath se

When the powers of evil put the world to fear,
The devotees of God prayed to the Creator, Bhola Nath,

Sun ke karunaa le liyaa avatar Hari nar roop men
Dukhiyon ke dukh hatne lage nar roop Bhola Nath se

In Mercy, then, down to earth He came, as an Avatar,
The devotees’ sufferings vanished then, in the human form of Bhola Nath

Nirguna Niraakaari Prabhu, par ho gaye saakaar hain
Bhakton ko anubhav ho rahaa, nar roop Bhola Nath se

The Invisible, Formless God, has become visible, with form today,
The devotees experience this in the human form of Bhola Nath

Ab to Prabhu pad padam kaa sewak banaa Manjul Kavi
Leeje sharana arzee yahi nar roop Bhola Nath se

The servant of the lotus feet of God is now Manjul the poet,
‘Take me in thy fold’, is my prayer to the human form of Bhola Nath.