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Indeed, had it not been for the Avatar of Shri Nathji upon earth, the world would have perished in an unprecedented blood bath. Though there was turmoil and unrest, but this would have been much worse had Shri Nathji not been upon earth at the time.
The two world wars, and now this carnage of partition in India, could have been far more devastating if Shri Nathji had not been witnessing them on the planet earth.
He was saving those who needed to be saved, and taking the souls of others to heaven into eternal peace, while consoling the rest of humanity with his blessings. The Law of Nature was taking its course, but Shri Nathji was ever present to mitigate whatever sufferings he could, to alter whatever destines needed to be altered, and to merge into his Invisible Self the deserving souls of the righteous who were gone.
For the rest, mankind was left to the inexorable law of Cause and Effect – also known as the law of Karma.
Shri Nathji had often said:

“Karma kaa Law Bhagwan Krishna kaa Sudarshan Chakra hai!

“The Law of Karma is the Discus-Weapon of Lord Krishna!”

Shri Nathji would often say in Persian:

Az mafaakaate amal ghaafil mashau
Gandam az gandam baroyad, jau za jau

Be not ignorant of the laws of cause and effect,
Wheat sown shall give wheat, and barley sown, barley

Shri Nathji would frequently say in English in an angry voice:

You must reap what you sow, they say,
And every cause must bring its sure effect,
Good, good, and bad, bad
And no one escapes the Law,
True, true!

He also quoted Zafar the poet:

Ai Zafar usse aadmi na jaaniyo go ho kaisaa hee saahibo faimo zakaa
Jisse aish men yaade Khudaa na rahi jise taish men khaufe Khudaa na rahaa

O Zafar, call not such a one a man, though he ever be full of glory and status,
Who remembers not God in wealth, and fears not God in anger

Shri Nathji also said:

“Jo aadmi doosre par zulm kartaa hai vo bhool jaataa hai ke usne bhee aage jaakar kaheen javaab denaa hai!

“He, who inflicts suffering upon another, forgets that he, too, shall have to answer for it elsewhere.”

Shri Nathji would say in Persian:

Dauraane bakaa choon baade saiharaa biguzasht,
Talkheeyo khusheeyo zebo zisht biguzasht
Pindaasht sitamgar, ke jafaa bar maa kard
Bar gardane oo bamaand va bar maa biguzasht

The time of life passed away like the wind over the forest,
The good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, all passed away,
Beware O tormentor! For the suffering that thou hast sent my way,
Has fallen around thy neck, and has passed over my head.