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Very soon Shri Nathji had become his heart and soul. Sukhdev had always been a lover of beauty. It was his love for beauty that had made him marry a British lady who was renowned for her looks. However, the divine beauty of Shri Nathji was such that it emptied Sukhdev’s heart of the thought of worldly beauty. Sukhdev once said to Shri Nathji:
“Bhagwan! I have seen many beautiful persons in my life, and I know from personal experience that even the most beautiful person with the most perfect of features loses his or her beauty when seen from a particular angle. There is always some imperfection somewhere.
“But your beauty is so fascinating, that no matter from which angle you are seen, you remain as beautiful as ever. You are perfect in every pose from any side. Indeed you are divine beauty personified which brooks no imperfection. You are perfection itself!”
Sukhdev’s second wife was a Sikh who also began to have the same faith in Shri Nathji as her husband. She would cook the food with great devotion in the kitchen and Sukhdev would bring the food to Shri Nathji’s bedroom.
Even as his wife made the chappaatis, Sukhdev would bring them into Shri Nathji’s room one by one. No sooner would Shri Nathji take but a few bites from a chappaati than Sukhdev would enter the room with a freshly made chappaati and ask Shri Nathji to eat the hot one and to set aside the half-eaten chappaati. This would result in the accumulation of a large amount of half eaten food in Shri Nathji’s thaali, which Sukhdev and his wife would eat afterwards as their dinner. It was divine prasaad-sacred food- from the Master’s meal.