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Amongst those who had come for Shri Nathji’s darshan that day were atheists and agnostics and people adhering to other orthodox beliefs who did not believe in the concept of God in human form. As they insisted that they be allowed to come inside the hall where Shri Nathji was sitting, Gangabai Bhutt entered into a hot argument with them and told them that they could not see Shri Nathji, as they would not believe in him anyway, because they were naastiks, unbelievers.
In a few moments, an ugly scene had developed. Gangabai’s detractors became loud and threatening. Matters reached such a head that Shri Nathji’s life became in danger. An ugly mob converged upon the scene and the police had to be called for the protection of Shri Nathji. It was the first time in Shri Nathji’s life that something like this had happened. Shri Nathji had had a premonition that this would happen, and had tried to dissuade Gangabai Bhutt from insisting on her demand for the costume. It was the sad experience of many devotees that whenever they did anything against the wishes of Shri Nathji they invariably had to suffer for it.
Shri Nathji had been loved and respected by people of all faiths including the Arya Samaajis, who did not accept the concept of God in human form. His own father-in-law, Lala Hargopal Khanna, had been the President of the Arya Samaaj at Lahore. The Arya Samaajis understood him in their own way as a very Great and Pure Being. Shri Nathji went along with their beliefs and never tried to impose his godhood upon them. If they considered him to be a Mahapurush or a Satyapurush–a very Great Soul– they were free to do so. It was Shri Nathji’s mission in life to appear before each person in the world in accordance with the person’s beliefs.
Great agnostics and intellectuals like Bhutt and Khanna had been converted by him in a single glance, but this was because their souls had been prepared for the divine recognition and Shri Nathji had had a chance to meet with each individually.
He could have changed the hearts of the agnostics at Harda if he had been given a chance to speak to them individually and quietly, face to face, but unfortunately matters had erupted into a state of disquiet, and there was no reasoning with the mob.