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As Shri Nathji continued to live with Sukhdev, his faith in Shri Nathji became greater and greater. Each and every passing day revealed more and more of the divine glory of Shri Nathji, unfolding his miracles. There was a time when Sukhdev felt he needed something compelling that would make his faith so strong that nothing in the world would be able to shake it.
Such a revelation came when Sukhdev Vats was confronted with a very difficult situation in his career. He was ordered to quell a group of rebellious men who were about to engage in violence. He had been provided a stengun with which to defend himself.
In his heart of hearts, he wished that he would not have to use the gun. As he advanced towards the door where the rebellious group had shut themselves in, he closed his eyes briefly and prayed to Shri Nathji. When the door was broken open and Sukhdev had entered within, he found to his great astonishment that the armed group were sitting together, singing ‘bhajans’-hymns.
It was a miracle of Shri Nathji. Sukhdev rushed home to tell his Lord and Master and fell at his feet in tears.
That evening, Sukhdev saluted Shri Nathji in full uniform. As a matter of fact, each morning, whenever he went to his office, he saluted Shri Nathji in full uniform like he would salute his own officers.