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Shri Nathji’s verse would ever ring out wherever he went:

Bhes badle maifile agyaar men baithe hain ham
Vo samajhte hain koyi opraa saa aur hai

Disguised, I sit amongst a gathering of strangers,
They think of me as coming from somewhere else!

Shri Nathji used to tell the parable:
“A king went out into his kingdom disguised as a stranger. There were some who treated him well, whilst there were others who behaved badly with him.
“There came a time when he returned to his throne and sat there in the fullness of his imperial splendour with his crown upon his head.
“As his subjects came before him they recognised him to be the stranger who had wandered in their midst.
“Those who had treated him well were filled with happiness, whilst those who had treated him badly were filled with fear!
“Thus it is that I wander amongst humanity as a stranger in human form, but there shall come a time when I shall be upon my throne in the fullness of my Glory, and the people of the world shall come before me and be filled with happiness and fear in turns.”