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Sukhdev discovered that Shri Nathji liked mushrooms, which he called “guchhiyaan” in Hindi. Thereupon he searched every corner of Bombay to secure them, but unfortunately no mushrooms were available at that time of the year, or the ones available were not of the high quality that Sukhdev desired for Shri Nathji.
Shri Nathji had, for the first time, shown his preferences in food, and Sukhdev wished to fulfil the wish of his Lord and Master at any cost. He wanted to go by plane to Delhi to bring the mushrooms from there. Quite suddenly he received a call from the Defence Minister at Delhi asking him to come there by the next flight.
He knew it was Shri Nathji’s miracle. Thereafter he immediately took the plane provided for him and went to Delhi to fetch the mushrooms. He searched the bazaars there until he had found the best quality of mushrooms, and then rushed back by plane to place the mushrooms before Shri Nathji. It was an ideal devotion. Shri Nathji never forgot this incident and narrated it for years afterwards in his sermons.