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From Harda, Shri Nathji, Mateshwari, Pran Nath, Priya Nath, Lala Hargopal, and the Bhutts went to Bombay by train. It was New Year’s Day January 1, 1948 when Shri Nathji set foot in Bombay.
Shri Nathji had last come to Bombay in 1936 with the Britisher, C. Hasellwright, who had sought Shri Nathji out in India after seeing him in a dream.
Mr. and Mrs. Khera had earnestly prayed that Shri Nathji come and grace the city of Bombay and stay with them for a while. And so Shri Nathji went to live with the Kheras at their residence opposite Swadeshi Market, at Kalba Devi.
Bombay, which had become famous for its millionaires and film stars, had a star attraction added to it when Shri Nathji chose to stay there. The ocean appeared to swell its bosom with happiness as it caught a glimpse of Shri Nathji on its shores. The rich and the poor all got a glimpse of their Creator in their midst without understanding more.
No matter whether a person knew Shri Nathji or not, or whether he could understand him or not, the moment he cast his eyes upon Shri Nathji he was filled with a touch of happiness and love which appeared to come from within his soul. This was so because Shri Nathji was the Universal Soul, the soul of all souls, and existed within the hearts of all.