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Shri Bal Ojarkar of the Abhinav Bal Shala at Akola had met Shri Nathji at Lahore in 1947. He recalled how Shri Nathji had promised him that he would visit Akola one day. He also said that he owed his life to Shri Nathji. He would narrate the incident something like this:
I was to undergo a difficult stomach operation at Amravati. Dr. Sahni, my surgeon, gave me little hope. Others before me who had similar operations had not survived.
“I wished desperately that I had brought a photograph of Shri Nathji with me to the hospital. It would give me infinite solace.
“I recalled my friend, Mr. Barde, to whom I had given one such photograph. I sent word to his house, but was informed that he had sold everything and settled down in Nagpur.
“As I lay distraught, worrying, Mr. Barde entered the ward and said to me: ‘Bal Ojarkarji! I have brought you the photograph of Shri Nathji, which you wanted! Do not worry, everything will be all right!’
“Upon receiving the photograph, my heart became fearless. A faith filled me, that said, ‘Thy will be done!’
“I went into the operation theatre next day, carrying Shri Nathji’s photograph with me. The doctor allowed the photograph inside. The operation was performed, and it was very successful.
“Dr. Sahni came and congratulated me. My survival had surprised him. A certain seth whom he had operated upon for a similar illness had died on the same operation table before me.
“During this time, I received a money order for one hundred rupees from Mr. Barde. And a few days later he arrived in the hospital and congratulated me upon my recovery.
It was due to the photograph of Shri Nathji you gave me! I said to him, I shall ever be grateful!”
‘Photograph of Shri Nathji!’ said Barde in a state of astonishment, ‘I gave you no photograph! I am arriving in Amravati for the first time since I shifted to Nagpur!’
“The truth dawned upon me. It was Shri Nathji who had come with his photograph to the hospital, in the guise of Barde!
“Shri Nathji came to Akola, later in 1950. He came to my house as well. He gave his darshan to my aging mother.
“Shri Nathji is not an ordinary enlightened soul – he is God Incar­nate! He is Nishkalank Premavatar! This is my faith! And it shall remain with me till the last days of my life!
“I am nothing, we are nothing, He is everything. He came into our lives and filled them with Boundless Bliss – our lives have been blessed by Him. All Glory unto Him. Bhola Nathji Bhagwan ki Jai!”