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Shri Nathji had frequently said:
It does not disturb or worry me if anyone does not show any respect to me. But the Divine Power has laws of its own. In the army, indiscipline results in a court martial. In the court, a slight to the judge results in contempt of court. In schools and universities, it results in expulsion. In offices, it results in demotion. Similarly, a slight to God is an affront to the Divine Laws of His creation, and these act to reform the errant devotee!
There was a time when an officer of the army came for Shri Nathji’s darshan in Mussoorie.
The man was arrogant, and interrupted Shri Nathji several times in his sermon.
He had gone to Shri Nathji because he desired a promotion from major to colonel, but the man had not come with a receptive mind, and the divine power was offended.
Immediately after the man returned to his station, he was demoted from major to captain! Even though Shri Nathji had not wished ill on him, the invisible laws of God did their work of reprimand.