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“O heart, thou who wouldst seek happiness, hast thou ever thought where happiness lies? What is that, after obtaining which, happiness can be attained? A thing that has been lost in a particular place can only be found in that place. That which has been lost at home cannot be found outside the house.
“You are searching for happiness in the world. But how can you find it there, when everything in the world is perpetually decaying, vanishing even before it has taken shape?
“The lightning flash of happiness goes away even before it can be submerged by the clouds of sorrow.
“Even as the waters of a flowing river and the light of a burning candle are changing every moment, this world too is changing with great swiftness. How then can one hope for a permanent happiness from a rapidly changing world?
“Yet again, even as a flower is surrounded by a hundred thorns so is every happiness surrounded by numerous sorrows. Every light is surrounded by a sphere of darkness.
“Before a candle burns, there is darkness, and after it has ceased to burn there is darkness again. And even while it is burning, it is constantly trembling with the fear of the fierce waves of the wind, which seek to blow it out. Thus even though the candle has light, the fear within it does not let it enjoy the light. Such a candle is akin to a candle that has burnt itself out.
“The drop of dew, which rests on the petal of a rose, begins to weep even before it has learnt to laugh. It knows that the fierce winds beating upon the flower shall not allow it to remain there. It sees thorns everywhere, even in the flower. It does not wish to leave the petal of the flower, but it knows of the determination of the wind to throw it to the ground. Whatever happiness it has, soon turns to sorrow.
“Man does not enjoy life. For as long as he is alive he is afraid of death, and when he is dying he wishes to live.

“Insaan jeene kaa maza naheen letaa. Jab tak jeetaa hai maut se dartaa hai.
Aur jab marne lagtaa hai to jeene ki ichhaa kartaa hai.”

“Thus it is that man always lives in a state of discontentment.
“However, if a man can live in the world like a lotus-flower floating on water, or like the wind that touches everything but is not bound by anything, he can rid himself of this fear.

“Sambandh to sab se ho, par bandhan kissee se na ho.

“But such a thing can only happen when man has established a relationship with Him for whom there is an instinctive longing within his heart.
“A moth is made for the flame and a nightingale is made for the rose. They have not to learn of this relationship from anyone. It is a love that exists in them from birth.
“For as long as a moth has not beheld a flame it cannot say what its heart yearns for; but it does know that nothing in the world appears to hold its heart, and therefore its goal must lie somewhere else.
“The perpetual desire that exists in man to attain something else, even after he has attained everything in the world, is a great proof of the existence of God.”

“Insaan kaa duniyaan men sab kuchh paa lene ke pashchaat bhee kissee aur cheez ko paane ki ichhaa karnaa Bhagwan ke hone kaa barraa saboot hai.”