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Shri Nathji knew of the forces of evil that lurked within the minds of men. Human nature was fickle and guided by human selfishness. Shri Nathji would raise it to God, but its natural tendency remained to slide back into its original human mould. Even the smallest of worldly habits would come between man and God.
Shri Nathji told the parable of the man on his way to heaven. The man was being guided to his final destination by his Guru.
The Guru said to him:
“We have but a little way to go, but remember, that no matter what happens, do not let go of my hand! If you do so, you will fall back to the earth.”
The man held on to the hand of his spiritual master for a long time. Just as they were within a few yards of the Gates of Heaven, the man’s ear began to itch.
Out of the habit of a lifetime, the man let go the hand of his Master to scratch his ear!
The moment he did so he plunged down upon earth.
This was just one little habit. And the human body was riddled by numerous habits born out of selfishness.
Truly had Guru Nanak written: 

“Nanak kotan men kaoo

Nanak there is just one genuine soul amongst countless ones.”