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There was a lady, a doctor by profession, who had no belief in Shri Nathji, but who had been persuaded by her friends to come for Shri Nathji’s darshan at Akola. She lived far from the city in an isolated area and had been afraid to come alone.
After the satsang was over, she came out of Shri Nathji’s residence. A figure approached her – it was her son whom she had left behind at her home.
Come, mother, I have come to take you home! Let us procure a rickshaw!
She got into the rickshaw with her son and reached home. Once there, she found the door of her house locked from within. She knocked, and her son opened the door. She turned to look at the rickshaw puller–but he had vanished!
You! How did you get inside! You were with me, outside, just now! said the astonished mother, you brought me home in the rickshaw!
I haven’t left the house since the time you went out, said a sleepy-eyed son, who had apparently just awakened, and I did not bring you home!
The lady could not believe her ears. And, then, suddenly, it was revealed to her! It had been Shri Nathji in the form of her son who had brought her to her home.
She went back, running, to Shri Nathji’s residence and fell at his feet, weeping. She narrated the incident before all the devotees present, and became a staunch devotee of Shri Nathji ever afterwards.