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However not all persons had this attachment to money. Shri Nathji always placed women on a higher plane than men when it came to attachment to money. A woman had a much greater spirit of sacrifice than a man, and money would sometimes be secondary to her, whereas it would be the prime motivating factor in a man.
Shri Nathji related the episode of the man and wife who had decided together to renounce the world and become ascetics devoted solely to God.
They were walking through a forest. The man saw a glitter of gold beneath a tree and went towards it, while his wife was still a distance behind him. It was jewellery.
I must hide it, before my wife sees it, he said to himself, women take a fancy to jewellery. If she spots it, she will want to keep it, and bring ruin upon me!
And he began covering it with mud.
The wife arrived at the spot, and saw what he was doing.
She said to him: Why are you covering this mud with mud!
Her husband realised then, how far advanced his wife had become, spiritually. What was gold for him, was nothing but mud for her!