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Shri Chordia, the millionaire businessman of Bombay, had driven them there in his car and walked along with the children in the shop as they gazed at the toys. Priya Nath’s eyes fell upon a cowboy toy pistol and he wished to buy it. The cost of the toy pistol was a mere twenty rupees. When he told Chordia about his intention to buy the pistol, the man whispered in his ear: “Apne paise laaye ho? Have you brought your own money?”
Priya Nath was shocked. He remembered that incident all his life. He was just beginning to realise that rich people became rich not by giving away money but by holding on to it. Priya Nath could not have conceived of a millionaire being miserly for a mere twenty rupees. When he told Shri Nathji and Mateshwari about the incident later, they were not surprised. They knew about the mental make-up of rich people, seths, whose money was their real God in life.
Albeit Shri Nathji purchased two Jeep Kiddie cars from Thackers for the children to add to their increasing inventory of toys. These kiddie cars were later taken to Mussoorie and kept there along with the earlier Vauxhalls, and Wolseley kiddie cars.