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Coming back to the daughter-in-law of Jankibai, the realisation began to come upon her that she had to suffer now for the sins of the past. The realisation gave way to tears of repentance. And she prayed to Shri Nathji. Suddenly she saw Shri Nathji in the operation theatre! She cried out to him:
Prabhuji! Forgive me! I have sinned!
And Shri Nathji smiled and said:
I am not aware of any sin!
The operation yielded one of the most startling of results. Instead of the large tumour the doctors sought to remove from her womb, a child was born to her!
All the devotees in Akola heard of the incident and prostrated before Shri Nathji’s portrait.
The woman was to have a deep and abiding faith in Shri Nathji ever afterwards. When she met Shri Nathji again in 1978, she brought the child with her – a young man embarking upon a career in engineering.
This son is your gift to me, she said to Shri Nathji.
The Urdu verse of Shri Nathji described the situation:

Phir uske shaane kareemi ke hausale dekhe
Gunehgaar ye kaihde ke gunehgaar hoon main.

Look upon the coming of the Glory of His Mercy,
Let the sinner but say, ‘I have sinned’.