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One of the best photograph shops in Akola was that owned by Shri Vaze, known popularly as “ Vaze Photographer”.
The moment he cast his eyes upon Shri Nathji he developed intense faith in him. He prayed to Shri Nathji to grace his photo studio where he could make a portrait of him.
Shri Nathji wore his head ’kerchief, or bandanna cloth in the same manner as he had worn it when his statue had been made at Delhi.
The cloth was of a pale orange colour, and it was tied on his head and forehead in a very majestic manner, looking like the crown of God. Along with the head-dress Shri Nathji wore his blue woollen achkan.
Vaze shot a bust pose. He concentrated on Shri Nathji’s face and shoulders. The picture that came out was beyond his expectations.
All who saw the portrait were at once astonished and blessed.
People experienced God in the portrait.
When Shri Bhutt saw the photo he said to Shri Nathji:
“Prabhuji this is such a beautiful portrait that it can convert even the greatest of atheists into a believer!

“Prabhuji, iss photo ko dekhkar to barre se barraa naastik bhee aastik ban jaaye!”

The photo began to be called the Viraat Roop-Divine Form- of Shri Nathji. Over a period of time people began making copies of the picture for their homes. Many placed the portraits on their writing pads and letterheads.
There came a time in the 1970’s when it was seen by people in America who marvelled at its divinity and incredible attraction. If ever God could be said to have a face in the fulness of his majesty this would be the Face.
Shri Nathji and Mateshwari were very pleased with the portrait and gave Shri Vaze their blessings. He was the only person in the world destined to catch a pose of God in his camera – of God looking like God.