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Shri Nathji had engaged a tutor for Priya Nath in Mathematics. He was a certain Shri B.D.Nautiyal, who had great faith in Shri Nathji, and who would listen to his sermons for a long time during the hours when he was supposed to give tuition to Priya Nath.
There were times when Priya Nath would be seen playing “bang-bang” with his friends in the house when the tutor arrived, and Shri Nautiyal would say: “Achhaa to ab chalen! Well, I must go now!” Mateshwari would frequently catch the tutor about to play truant, and would ensure that he got back to the teaching desk. The tutor had a habit of shaking his legs almost continuously in a quivering motion while sitting, which would make Priya Nath think that an earthquake had hit the house. Nautiyal’s favourite query, after every paragraph that he taught, was: “Naheen samjhe jee?” which meant, in effect: “You didn’t understand, did you?” Shri Nathji would be very amused when he heard Priya Nath describe the tutor thus, in his usual humorous manner.