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Soon, thereafter, there was another letter from Bhutt in which he wrote:
“There are no words with which I can express my repentance. Thou, who knowest everything, know the innermost feelings of my heart. It is my fervent wish to be at Thy feet at Mussoorie, but I take greater joy in working for Thy Sake in my worldly duties here so that I can be of some service to Thee.
“While there is immeasurable happiness in taking thy darshan, there is also the fear of my own shortcomings. People are waiting for Thee at Akola, Amravati and Mangrulpir, but it appears that you have your heart set on going to Allahabad and so be it. If thou canst find time to come from Allahabad to Nagpur I shall be the happiest man on earth. In any case I shall come for thy darshan at Mussoorie when the courts close for the summer.”