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The list showed that Shri Nathji used Jaba- kusum hair oil. Someone had told him that it was good for the brain, and Shri Nathji had used it for years. He continued using it all his life so great was his faith in the oil.
Even when new brands of oil came out in later years and Jabakusum Hair Oil went into oblivion, Shri Nathji managed to find a bottle of it. It was a great test for his devotees to locate a bottle of Jaba Kusum hair oil whenever Shri Nathji needed it.
The secret of his immaculately polished black shoes was the use of Cherry Boot Polish. People were so impressed by his impeccably polished shoes that they would turn and stare at them even after he had walked past them on the Mall.
The black shoes shone out even more beautifully when combined with the white woollen chooridars he wore above them.