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Shri Nathji had retained Huntley to act as a companion to the boys and to accompany them back and forth from school. Occasionally he would type letters for Shri Nathji upstairs in the bedrooms. Once he wanted to take Shri Nathji’s Remington typewriter downstairs to his room and type there, but Shri Nathji wanted him to type upstairs in the children’s room. Shri Nathji later confided to the boys that he feared Huntley might run away with the typewriter. The boys could not conceive of Huntley doing such a thing.
But Shri Nathji was always right and knew what was going on in the innermost minds of all persons. He had often said: “Mujhe makar dete ho? Main to makkaaron kaa bhee banaane vaalaa hoon! Would you deceive me? I, who have created even the deceitful?”