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Shri Nathji always said to people:
“Your body is alive today, not only because of the food that it has eaten today, but also because of the mother’s milk it obtained in infancy. That milk still exists in the body in some form or another. In a like manner your life today, depends not only upon the blessings you receive today, but also upon the blessings which you have received in the past!”
Shri Nathji would also say:
“You can change almost anything you want in life. You can change your present, you can change your future. But there is one thing that you can never change–and that is the past!
“They say that the past never returns, but it does. The past comes back in two ways. The first is whenever you think of it–whenever you become absorbed in reminiscing over the past, the past unfolds itself in your mind and appears to become a reality. And the second way in which the past returns is in the form of its result. When you sow a seed in the past the seed appears to have vanished into the ground. But as time progresses the seed grows into a sapling and then into a tree with branches, fruits and flowers. All this is the seed of the past coming back to you in the present. In a like manner the blessings which you derive in the past bring their result before you in your present and your future.