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The word “choorriyen”-bangles, would often bring to Shri Nathji’s mind the time when he had sent Shri Sahadeva to negotiate for a loan from a banker, Mansa Ram, at Mussoorie.
The banker had said to Sahadeva in a languid tone: “Cheeoorriyen le aao! Bring the bangles!”
He was referring to gold bangles, which he could hold in mortgage for the loan. Shri Nathji never took the loan, but he would humorously recall the manner in which the banker had pronounced the Hindi word for bangles, as “Cheeooorriyen” instead of “choorriyen”.
Shri Nathji would laugh each time he recollected how Sahadeva had mimicked the man’s intonation of the word “choorriyen”.