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Shri Nathji cautioned people:
“I give you a diamond and tell you that it is worth a crore of rupees. You have faith in my words. You thus become a crorepati-a millionaire, in possession of a diamond. You are filled with the strength and power that comes from being the owner of such wealth.
“However, one day, someone tells you that the diamond is not worth a crore of rupees, and that it is in fact a piece of glass. You believe him. What is the net result? The diamond is still worth a crore, but you are no longer a crorepati! The strength that you had derived from such a faith is gone.

“Heeraa to phir bhee heeraa hee rahaaa, magar aap crorepati naa rahe!”

The diamond was faith. Gaining it was peace and happiness and losing it was sorrow and despair. Indeed, if man lost the precious gem of faith then all the wealth in the world would become meaningless.