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the path of faith he could find faults even with Lord Rama and Lord Krishna as well, and, indeed, with the creation of God. There were earthquakes and devastations, wars and plagues and pestilences that took the lives of many, and yet it was all the Will of God which man could neither question nor alter but could only accept.
The intellectual could not accept the banishment of Rama into the forests, his chase after a golden deer, his helplessness after the abduction of Sita Maharani, his need for help from Hanuman, Sugreeva and a host of others, his killing Ravana and bringing Sitaji back only to banish her to the forests himself, and the culmination of the Ramayana in Sita Maharani being absorbed into the earth.
The intellect could not accept the early life of Lord Krishna, his dalliance with the milkmaids, and his relationship with Radheji, his clever and manipulative advice to the Pandavas during the war of the Mahabharat, causing them to destroy their foes and to win the war.
And yet to the man of faith all this was the Leela–the working of the Will of God. Man had no right to question the Will of God, he could only accept it.