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Shri Nathji often used to say:
“Bhagwan kabhi bhakt se jaan boojh kar bhee galti karvaa lete hain taake bhakt ko kabhi abhimaan naa aa jaaye!
“Sometimes God lets his devotee make a mistake so that pride may never enter into the devotee’s heart at any time! A devotee who has made a mistake will always come before his master with his head bowed in repentance.”
“If a man were never to make a mistake he would begin to equate himself with God. Agar insaan kabhi galti na kare to Bhagwan ban jaaye!”
“Go and err as often as you wish, but never make the mistake of going away, because then I will not be able to correct you, and the mistake will live with you all your life, and you will later suffer being corrected at the hands of the world! Far better if your Master correct your mistake Himself and purge you of it!”