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By the time it was June 1954, Mateshwari had recovered sufficiently to be able to participate in the birthday celebrations of June 23.
Shri Nathji would have cancelled the function had Mateshwari shown even the slightest signs of illness.
Once again there was the grand and solemn gathering, the mixture of the rajas and maharajas, the judges and lawyers, with the poor devotees from the plains. Shri Nathji’s divine light shone out with its usual brilliance, unaffected by the difficult times he had been through.
This aspect of Shri Nathji was the most surprising of all, to not to be affected by any adverse circumstance that came to him or his family and to always shower his beaming smile and divine radiance upon all who came to him. People who met him thought he had no problems at all.
On the 23rd of June, Mateshwari stood by the side of Shri Nathji after his lecture was over and sang her bhajan in her usual strong and vibrant voice:

“Prabhu mere sharan teri main aayaa
Bhajan bhaajon janam virthaa gavaaayaa

O Lord I have taken refuge in Thee,
This life has no meaning, if it sing not Thy praises.”