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Shri Nathji had often quoted from the Sikh writings:

Sewak ko sewaa ban aayi
Hukam boojh param pad paayi

It behoves a servant well to serve
In obedience lies the highest status of his life.

Shri Nathji used to say:
“Hanuman today is worshipped for the sewa he did for Lord Rama. Kewat is remembered for the sewa he did for Lord Rama–taking him across the river in his boat, in return for which Lord Rama took him across the waters of the ocean of life and death, the Bhav Saagar!”
“It is a universal law that all forms of service must bear fruit. Life itself is a service in some form or another to someone or another. Most of your life you spend serving your own body. You wash it, clothe it, feed it, give it rest and recreation; you serve your family, you serve your bosses in your offices, you serve the government or private companies. People are eager for good jobs. How fortunate the man who gets the chance to serve God! This is a service that cannot be obtained even after the fruits of the karmas of ages.

“Sewaa kaa phal kyaa koyi maange. Sewaa to khud laakhon punyon kaa phal hai!

“What reward can a person ask for sewa, when sewa itself is the reward of thousands of good actions!

“Then again the reward of sewa comes spontaneously even without your asking. If you give water to a tree, it gives you fruit in return. If you give grass to a cow, it gives you milk in return. If you serve God, will He not give you anything in return?

“Aap vriksh ko jal den, vo phal detaa hai. Aap gaaye ko ghaas den, vo doodh deti hai. Agar aap Bhagwan ki sewaa karenge to kyaa vo kuchh naheen degaa?

“This is a universal law. No matter who or what you may serve, you will always be rewarded for it. Therefore, if you serve God will he not reward you as well?

Manushya mazdoori deth hai,
Kyon raakhe Bhagwan

When man gives for services rendered
Why would God not recompense!

Dendaa de, laindaa thhak paaye
Juga jugantar khaayi khaaye

The donor’s generosity overwhelms the receiver,
Who lives upon it for ages to come.

Dene vale mujhe denaa hai to itnaa de de
Ke mujhe shikvaye kohtaayiye damaan ho jaaye

O Thou who wouldst give, give me so much
That I must complain there is no place to keep it!