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The seconds, minutes, days, weeks and months just seemed to flow by in the presence of Shri Nathji. Before anyone was aware of it, 1952 was gone.
Shri Nathji was at Savitri Nivas and at Mussoorie, but in a greater sense he was everywhere, even in the furthest reaches of the Universe.
He was his Omnipresent Self, no matter whether he was meeting crowds of people, or just one man, or no one. He was with everyone as the Universal Soul that resided within the souls of all.
Every morning, Shri Nathji would be seen sitting upon his bed in his bedroom in the first floor of Savitri Nivas, his legs crossed and his eyes closed, while his lips moved ever so imperceptibly, chanting something in an inaudible whisper. The fingers of his right hand would move upon themselves as if he were counting something.
Whenever the boys saw him in this pose they would say to themselves; “Pitiji ungleeyen gin rahe hain! Pitiji is counting his fingers!”
It was Shri Nathji’s meditation, a meditation that was neither deep nor continuous and could be interrupted by anyone speaking to him in the room. Who was he meditating upon? When people asked him that question he said: “I was meditating upon you!”
Yes, Shri Nathji was God Himself and did not need to meditate upon God. His meditation consisted in his listening to the prayers of the world.
Here he was, attending to the bills of the City Board at Mussoorie, writing long and painstaking letters in Hindi to responsible officers there, making payment of a pending bill for his shervaani, an achkan stitched in Bombay, replying to the letters of his devotees, and writing spiritual revelations all day long.
Shri Nathji would write on anything that he could find in the house–from loose sheets of paper, to long registers, little notebooks, and even the children’s exercise books. Some of these children’s books would contain the algebra of the boys along with the Urdu revelations of Shri Nathji written in the back pages!
Shri Nathji lived in Mussoorie along with his family as actively as any family man would have lived with his wife and children.
However, while engaging in all the activities that were part of his role as a householder and family man, he was just as actively listening to the prayers of all those who prayed to him in any part of the world.
Thus he was busy no matter what he was doing. His state was described by his Urdu Verses below:

Na mujhe kisee kaa khyaal hai na zaraa bhi khaufe zavaal hai
Jise hove asare zavaal naa meraa vo kamaale kamaal hai

Merged am I not in anything, free from the fear of a fall,
Untouched by decline, such is the miracle of my miracles!

Na kisee se hoon main milaa zaraa na kisee se hoon main judaa zaraa
Ye khyaale hosh kee baat hai isse tark kar ye visaal hai

I am neither in union with anyone, nor am I in separation,
Give up this thought of consciousness and there will be only Oneness

Meraa rang pardaye mauj men na chhupaa chhupaaye se bhi kabhi
Main saraapaa hastiye aab hoon na firaak hai na visaal hai

My colour could not be hidden behind the veil of the waves
I am water itself, here there is neither a separation nor a union.

It would be a long time before anyone could understand Shri Nathji in the fulness of His Glory. There were the moments when Shri Nathji would be seen walking on the Mall Road along with Mateshwari. However, he would very soon outdistance Mateshwari, who would then be seen trailing far behind him. She herself would urge Shri Nathji to take his fast walk and not be slowed down by her slow pace. Shri Nathji would ever afterwards humorously recall hearing a foreigner say how inconsiderate Indian husbands were–who left their wives far behind while walking on the Mall!