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Shri Nathji often narrated how the followers of the Agha Khan had absolute and complete faith in him and accepted all his actions as divinely inspired. When someone said to one of his followers:
“Your Master has married film actresses and he goes to the horse races and night clubs and enjoys himself with the tremendous wealth at his disposal–how come you still have faith in him as being divine?”
The follower at once replied: “Chupp karo! Ye hamaaraa test hai! Be quite! This is the test of our faith!”
The letter of Shri Bhutt showed how Shri Nathji was constantly reminded of the fact that his devotees were supporting him, and that the pittance of support they sent him could become a reason for their ego to assert itself. The letter had come at a time when Mateshwari was ill.
Shri Nathji chose not to reply to it, and his silence so devastated Bhutt that he repented at once and begged to be forgiven. It was a temporary eclipse of his devotion; the clouds of ego were soon dissipated by the light of faith, and Shri Bhutt became his normal self again.
It was the one and only time in his entire life that he had chosen such an intemperate tone to address his Lord and Master and he was filled with a remorse that remained in his heart for the rest of his life.