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Shri Nathji would often narrate the parable of the Mahatma and the sweets.
There was a mahatma who had never asked God for anything all his life. When the festival of Diwali came, the mahatma found himself hankering after sweets-mithhaayi. He prayed earnestly to God to give him but one chhataak of sweets, only fifty grams.
Suddenly he found his entire house filled with sweets. He thanked the Lord for his generosity and at the same time added: “O Lord, I had asked for but one chhataak of sweets but you have filled the whole house with them!”
There came forth a voice from the heavens that said: “O Mahatma! Meraa chhataak itnaa hee barraa hotaa hai! This is the size of my chhataak!”
Shri Nathji added:

“Ham apni haiseeyat se maangte hain aur vo apni haiseeyat se detaa hai!

“We ask in accordance with our needs and He gives in accordance with His Generosity!”

Shri Nathji also cautioned:

“Aap gaaye ko ghaas den to vo doodh deti hai. Magar aap saanp ko doodh den to vo zaihar detaa hai!

“You give grass to a cow and it gives you milk in return. But if you give milk to a snake, it will give you poison in return! This is the difference between serving the good and serving the wicked.”