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In one of the satsangs, a lady got up and asked Shri Nathji: “How will we know when death is to come?”
Before Shri Nathji could answer, Priya Nath interposed, half in humour: “When death comes you will find out.”
Shri Nathji had often said:
“God has given man a lot of freedom to perform his actions in the world. In this lies the law of karma–cause and effect. However, there are two things, which He has kept in his own hands. The first is Life, and the second is Death. Man cannot come into the world of his own will, and he cannot leave the world with his own free will.
“Man must always remember Death, and remember God, the Creator. And he must learn to forget the goodness he sees in himself as well as the evil he sees in others. The goodness that he sees in himself will lead to pride and the evil which he sees in others will give way to hatred.
“What is death? Death is the next moment!
“Why has God hidden the time of death from man? This has been done so that man may finish doing whatever he has to do – just now! And not wait for the next moment. For who knows whether the next moment will ever come at all!
“The prime duty of man is to find God before this life comes to an end. As it has been written in the Vedas:
Athhaato Brahm jigyaasaa.”

Shri Nathji said: “You must wipe your slate clean before death comes. Seek forgiveness for all your sins.
“When death comes, the sins that man has committed in life appear before him like monstrous apparitions and fill his soul with great fear and agony.”