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A letter from Barrister Durga Dayal’s wife from Dehra Dun brought to Shri Nathji’s mind his meeting with this well-known barrister of Jullunder.
For three days the Barrister and his wife had been seeking him at Mussoorie in the 1940’s. People had told them that Shri Nathji was not in Mussoorie at the time. On the third day of their stay at Mussoorie, Barrister Durga Dayal’s wife had a dream in which she saw Shri Nathji.
And on that very day they found Shri Nathji walking on Camel’s Back Road in Mussoorie.
Barrister Durga Dayal removed his solar hat before Shri Nathji and recited a Persian Verse which became legend:

“Husne Yusuf dame Isaah, yade Baizaadaari
Anche khoobaan hamaadaarand to tanhaadaari

The Beauty of Yusuf, the Breath of Christ, and the Rod of Moses,
That which each of them had, thou hast with Thee all together!

Shri Nathji had explained the meaning of this verse:Yusuf was reputed to be the handsomest prophet of his age. It was said that two thirds of the beauty of the Universe had been conferred on him and the remaining one third on the world. Christ had a life-giving breath that could raise people from the dead, and Moses had a rod with which he had parted the seas.
In the verse above, Barrister Durga Dayal described Shri Nathji as one having the qualities of all three—the beauty of Yusuf, the breath of Christ and the rod of Moses.
“Hey Nath!” he had said to Shri Nathji, “give my boat but one push and I shall cross the sea!

“Meri kishti ko ek dhakkaa lagaa den taake bhavsaagar ke paar ho jaaaye!”