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“It was said that Prophet Muhammad cried out with agony when the Angel of Death came upon him. The prophet said to the Angel of Death in protest: “What have I done to deserve this pain! I did nothing but preach the name of God all my life!”
And the Angel of Death replied: “Sire, I have placed but a little finger upon you. On the others I place my entire weight!”
Shri Nathji had also said:
“The sting of death is more dreadful than that of a thousand scorpions. I have experienced it on my own body at a very young age. I am afraid for the people of the world, who have forgotten that last dreadful moment that is to come, and who are whiling away their time playing with toys.
“And when the last moment comes, man finds himself still lost in the gains and losses of the world, with recriminations and reproach all around him.

Tohmaten chand apne zimme dhar chale
Kiss liye aaye thhe ham kyaa kar chale

A handful of regrets was all that we carried with us,
Knowing not why we came, we did something else and went away

Zindagi hai yaa koyi toofan hai
Aise jeene se dilaa ham mar chale

Was this life or was it a storm?
O Heart, better it was to die than to live like this!

At Malik Nagar, Mateshwari began to feel that they were unwelcome guests. This may have been in part due to the cold and indifferent attitude of Nand Kishore’s wife, as was evident from the cracked cups in which she was serving tea to Shri Nathji. Mateshwari chided Nand Kishore and his wife one day for their negligence in serving Shri Nathji, and this led to unpleasant repercussions.
On one occasion when a small satsang was being held before a group of devotees that included the Manager of the glass factory, Indermani, the mother of Nand Kishore, began singing a bhajan, and, in the midst of the singing, suddenly bent forward and began pummelling her daughter-in-law on her back for her lack of faith.
That incident was enough to make Shri Nathji think of leaving Malik Nagar. There were pressing prayers from the devotees of Shri Nathji to come to Allahabad. Mrs Gangabai Bhutt was pressing Shri Nathji to come to Nagpur, and, once again, as was her wont, she was blaming Mateshwari for not allowing Shri Nathji to come.