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Shri Nathji stayed in Mussoorie till late in December 1956. This was because Priya Nath was actively preparing for his Senior Cambridge examination at Allen Memorial. Mateshwari endured the biting cold to the best of her ability, not showing any signs of her illness lest it disturb Priya Nath’s studies.When Priya Nath’s examinations were over, Shri Nathji decided to move to the plains. The entire family were unanimous in deciding to go to Wheler Club at Meerut for the winter.
The open lawn, neat and clean surroundings, the bath-tubs and the hot running water, as well as the quiet atmosphere, made the place very desirable. Mateshwari was too weak at this time to expose herself to the multitudes that would have thronged to them at Delhi or Allahabad or Nagpur.
Shri Nathji decided to take the Ford car to the plains this time, and was able to secure the services of a driver by the name of Khazanaram. Shri Nathji gave him the chauffeur’s cap that Victor used to wear in the years past.
The journey to Meerut from Mussoorie was fraught with the dangers of the car stalling in the way. The Ford car had a propensity for halting whenever its fuel pump became too heated.
Also, the tyres of the car were not sturdy and one of them always punctured during any long journey, leaving Shri Nathji and his family stranded on the road for hours till the tyre was replaced. However, Shri Nathji undertook the journey all the same.
Even as the car passed through Dehra Dun, Roorkee, Muzzafarnagar, on the Grand Trunk Road, Shri Nathji blessed all these places which had witnessed him enter and leave on many occasions.