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In the cold December winter of Mussoorie, there was Shri Nathji sitting in his room late in the night, writing a long letter to the sons of Ram Rattan Khanna. He never sent the letter, but it was a brief recollection of his relationship with them in the past.
Shri Nathji recalled how R.R. Khanna, a confirmed atheist, and an intellectual and scientist, had been converted in a single glance when he came to him, and how Khanna had made it his mission in life to tell the world about him so that all could gain peace from him.
Khanna used to say:

“Huzoor saari duniyaan men aag lagi hai aur fire brigade ek hee nazar aataa hai!

“Huzoor, the entire world is on fire and there appears to be but one fire brigade – and that is you!”

Shri Nathji recalled the faith that Khanna’s sons, Bimal Krishen Khanna and Kamal Krishen Khanna, had in him, and how he had affectionately called them Karnail Sahib and Jarnail Sahib. He recalled how Bimal had come to him as a child and had given him a flower, saying: “O Nathji! This flower will never fade away because now it is in your hands!” Shri Nathji had never forgotten the incident.
After the partition of India, Khanna had lost all his money in Lahore. However Shri Nathji had blessed him and he had earned two crores of rupees. It was the reward for the two years of service that he had rendered Shri Nathji over a period of twelve years from 1932 to 1943. When Khanna’s sons had become millionaires in 1949, Shri Nathji had disappeared from their lives.
There was a time when Shri Nathji had gone to the office of Bimal Khanna in New Delhi, and the latter had come down from his room in the lift, barefooted, to greet Shri Nathji. Shri Nathji had narrated this incident before their mother who had said:
“Their father gained everything in life because he remembered you; the sons will also receive the same Divine Grace if they retain their reverence for you.”
Even if Shri Nathji never posted a letter he wrote to anyone, his blessings reached out to the person the moment he thought of him and began writing to him.
If Shri Nathji even so much as wrote the name of any person on a sheet of paper, his blessings were instantly communicated to him.
Shri Nathji had but to think of a person and his blessings would go out towards him spontaneously, and the person would feel the effect of these blessings in the form of a sudden peace and prosperity.
In Savitri Nivas there were hundreds of letters written by Shri Nathji to many people. None of these letters was ever posted. There was even a reply paid telegram sent by a devotee years ago, which lay amongst Shri Nathji’s papers. The reply was never sent on the physical plane. Shri Nathji had replied to the telegram through his inner waves.
Shri Nathji used to recall how Mr. Homi S. Karai would regularly send letters to him over months and years, but received no letter from Shri Nathji in reply.
Once Shri Nathji had said to him: “Mr. Karai you write so many letters to me, but I never get the time to reply to them!” 
And Shri Karai had replied:
“Gurujee, it makes no difference to me whether you reply to my letters or not. It is enough for me that my letters reach you and you cast your eyes upon them! The blessings that I derive from this remembrance are enough for me!”