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“Raja Janak, who was the father of Sita Maharani, had untold wealth with him, and yet was an intensely spiritual soul.
“Lord Rama and Lord Krishna were endowed with kingdoms and lived as kings in a royal manner, but they were totally unattached to their material possessions.
“If a mahatma becomes attached to the things of the world and performs all his actions in life to attain these objects, then indeed he is not a mahatma, for he is filled with desires.
“But if the mahatma has no attachment to the things of the world and uses them only as one uses a vehicle for transportation, then his spiritual nature remains pure and above reproach!
“Those holy men who become addicted to luxury and wealth and make it their end in life are not truly spiritual, but those who have the luxury and wealth of the world at their disposal, and yet are not attached to it are real mahatmas.
“If material possessions were bad, then Lord Rama would never have given the Lanka of gold to his devotee, Vibheeshana. Yes, material possessions were bad when they were in the possession of his brother, Ravana.
“Ravana was attached to his golden Lanka and opposed Rama. The net result was that he lost both, his Lanka as well as Rama. Vibheeshana his brother, on the other hand, took refuge in Lord Rama. The net result was that he gained Rama as well as the Lanka of gold.

“Ravana ne Rama kaa virodh kiyaa. Nateejaa kyaa huaa? Rama bhee gaye aur Lankaa bhee gayee!
“Vibheeshana ne Rama ki sharan lee, to usse Rama bhee mil gaye, aur Ramaji ne usse Lankaa bhee de dee!”