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Someone asked Shri Nathji:
“Sir, you say that an intense desire and its fulfilment are one and the same,–then may I ask why I cannot see the sun in the middle of the night if I desire it intensely?”
And Shri Nathji replied:
It is an invisible law of Nature that every intense desire must find fulfilment. When a man’s eyes open in the morning, he finds the Sun before him. This is because there is a genuine need for light at that time. Eyes that awaken after a night’s sleep desire light–and they get it.
“But when eyes desire light in the middle of the night, the desire cannot be real or intense, it is an artificial situation. It is not in accordance with the laws of Nature. And hence it is not fulfilled.
“This law works when man proceeds towards God-realisation. It is not a general law that works even when one is going against the laws of Nature, or working with a selfish bent of mind.
Shri Nathji once said:
Take the situation of a man who is thirsty. When the thirst is mild, he doesn’t bother to search for water; he might even be preoccupied in reading or meeting friends. But when the thirst becomes very intense he must leave everything and search for water until he finds it. The intense thirst brings him to the point of fulfilment. For as long as the thirst was mild, he was away from water, but when the thirst became very intense, he found the water he was seeking.
Similarly, for as long as the thirst for God is mild, one remains away from God, but when the thirst becomes intense, one comes close to God. Intense desire takes one to the goal. The means of fulfilment begin to appear before him. He goes from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge.