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By the end of March 1956, Shri Nathji was back at Mussoorie.
Although Shri Nathji’s life was punctuated by dramatic episodes and meetings, yet a large part of his time was spent in the quiescent state, when he was leading a quiet life at Mussoorie or in the plains, and there were no dramatic conversions or miracles or important spiritual revelations.
This was because Shri Nathji was connected with the entire world and indeed with the entire Universe, and his entire existence upon earth was a miracle in itself. While he appeared to be doing nothing in one place on the physical plane, he was, in fact, always doing something in some other corner of the world or the Universe.
He was a manifestation of the Invisible Divine Power that pervaded the entire Universe, and people who had never seen God found fulfilment in him wherever he went and no matter what he did.
One can recall the lives of the avatars and messiahs. Although some important episodes in their lives have been detailed by their historians, the fact remains that for most of the time they were leading quiet lives. Lord Rama led a turbulent life in the forests only after the abduction of Sita Maharani, prior to that even his life in banishment was quiet and peaceful, and there were no major events that historians recorded.
Of the major meetings with people, the episodes of Kewat and Bhilni stand out as most prominent, though it can be surmised that, over a lifespan, Lord Rama must have met hundreds and thousands of persons. Quite naturally it was not necessary to mention these quiescent phases in his life and so the historians left them out.