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While Shri Nathji was at Wheler club, he met a gentleman with his English wife. He was the Nawab of Sardanna. The Nawab saw Shri Nathji and was immediately taken up by his beautiful personality, which was radiating a light divine. He introduced himself and wondered which State Shri Nathji belonged to. He had assumed Shri Nathji was the Maharaja of some princely State in India.
The Nawab’s joy knew no bounds when he discovered who Shri Nathji really was. Shri Nathji introduced himself by saying: “Mujhe log Ghulam Rue Zameen kaihte hain! People call me the Servant of the Earth.”
Even as Shri Nathji’s divine flow of words came forth, the Nawab was touched to the core and invited Shri Nathji into his chambers at the Wheler Club, where he had been residing since a long time. His British wife was also greatly affected by Shri Nathji. Tears sprang into their eyes as they listened to his words and felt his Divine Love.
Thereafter the Nawab continued to meet Shri Nathji everyday for the duration of Shri Nathji’s stay at the Wheler Club. He once asked Shri Nathji about Pran Nath and Priya Nath, and when he was told by Shri Nathji that both the boys were going to study science in the future, the Nawab said:
“Your Holiness, it would be nice if one of them studied science while the other remained with you to continue your work.”
Priya Nath heard the words of the Nawab and wondered which of the two would be destined to remain with Shri Nathji to do his work. At that time both were inclined to go abroad and study science. It turned out in later years that it was Priya Nath who was to have this privilege, although Pran Nath was by far the stronger spiritually as well as intellectually.
Shri Nathji would years afterwards recall the friendly advice of the Nawab and remember his love and affection for him, which was the love and affection of an elderly man for a younger person.
It was apparent that Shri Nathji had come to Meerut only to bless the Nawab and to give his benedictions to the Wheler Club. After Shri Nathji had stayed there the Club became renowned and regained its original stature.