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It was astonishing that over the years of Shri Nathji’s lectures at Mussoorie no one ever thought of getting a microphone for him. His voice, without being loud or distorted, reached across to the multitudes on its own, as if carried across on divine waves. This was a miracle in itself. There would be Shri Nathji reciting his favourite verse:

Aayaa hai too jahaan men misaale sharaar dekh
Dam de naa jaaye hastiye naa-paayedaar dekh

O Man, thou hast come into this world like a lightning flash,
Beware lest transient life deceive thee!”

There would be the sound of Dr. Purekar echoing Shri Nathji’s verse from the back of the hall even as the words of Shri Nathji reached out to him distinctly and clearly.