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The Raja of Pratapgarh, Shri Ajit Singh, had written to Shri Nathji on the occasion of the marriage of his son in 1955:
“We continue to receive your Love and Blessings all the time. How can we have the courage to ask you to come for the wedding? We can only pray for your blessings.”
“Aapkaa sneh tathhaa aasheervaad ham sab ko sadaiv miltaa hee raihtaa hai.”

The days, weeks and months sped by in Mussoorie. Mateshwari was not in the best of health. This was partly because she was not taking the diet and the medication for diabetes as had been advised by the doctors.
The children were overwhelmed by studies and examinations at Allen Memorial School and had little time for anything else. They were rapidly losing weight, as had been correctly observed by Shri Bhutt.
Very soon it was November and the winter of 1955 was upon them. Pran Nath had to give his Senior Cambridge examination at Allen Memorial School, which was scheduled in December.
It appeared that the complaints Pran Nath and Priya Nath were making to the principal, Mr. Biggs, against the harshness of the teachers and boys had taken their toll.
A teacher at Allen Memorial, Shri Jobe, had taken his revenge upon Pran Nath by not informing him till the last day, of a course he had been registered for.
The net result was that Pran Nath had no time to study for the paper and could not succeed in it.
Pran Nath was a brilliant student with an inventive mind. He had devised many an electrical device in the house, which was beyond the ken of even electrical engineers. His memory was photographic and he could recollect the smallest of details of events far behind in time. It came as a great seatback to him that he had not been able to succeed in that one paper because the teacher had deliberately not told him about it till the last moment. But then he had expected no better treatment at Allen.