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Shri Nathji had a large wooden cabinet by his bedside in Mussoorie which had lots of small drawers, cubicles and cells inside. This was Shri Nathji’s office. Shri Nathji would try to sort out the bills and receipts and place them as best as he could in these little spaces.
However, most of the time he used the old fashioned wires with stops at the ends. He would pierce the letters with the top of the wire and then push the letters down to the bottom of the wire where the stop was located.
It was on these wires that a motley assortment of old bills and receipts was kept by Shri Nathji, most of which gathered so much dust that they would become a health hazard to Shri Nathji each time he sought to find a particular bill or receipt. It had become common knowledge amongst all the shopkeepers and City Board clerks at Mussoorie that Shri Nathji never retained old receipts. This led some to exploit him and to demand payment for bills he had already paid for.