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Shri Nathji would tell the story of the king who remained ill most of the time. When all medical aid had failed, a mahatma was called to diagnose the ailment. The mahatma asked him:
“Where do you eat your food?”
“In the dining room,” said the king.
“Is there anyone who looks upon the food at the time?” asked the mahatma.
“Yes, my ministers are there when the food is brought from the kitchen,” said the king.
The mahatma said to the king:
“Tomorrow when your food comes from the kitchen, and passes before your ministers, I will grant you an inner sight with which you can see what happens to the food.”
The next day the king sat at his table while the food was brought from the kitchen. As the food passed before the eyes of the ministers, the king saw, much to his great astonishment, thousands of revolting worms swarming in his food!
The king understood. It was the evil eye –nazar of the ministers that was making him sick. Thereafter he began to eat alone, with no one in the dining hall, and was soon cured of his illness.