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On one occasion, the Maharaja’s Secretary who was with him, had said to Shri Nathji that the Maharaja was greatly worried and desired peace of mind.
Shri Nathji spoke to the Maharaja and said:
Maharaja Sahib, does man worry in a state which he can change or one which he cannot change? If he can change his state, there is no cause for worry. If he cannot change his state, then worry is of no use. Thus in either state, worry ceases to have any meaning!
When one goes before God, one does so as a beggar. One cannot purchase anything from God, one can only beg from him. A person desires peace-shaanti, but he cannot find it in his material possessions. He cannot purchase peace with his wealth. This is so, because when we buy something, the price we pay for it is usually of greater worth than the thing we buy.
“If peace is not inherent in material possessions, how can these become a price for peace? One cannot go to God and say:
“’I am willing to give all that I possess to you if you will give me peace of mind in return.’”
“The crown of a king weighs down upon his head. However, if he removes it and turns it upside down, it becomes like a begging bowl. One can only beg from His door! And surely the answer will come!